What to Expect as a Salon Assistant

Are you looking to start your salon career but not sure where to begin? Or are you wondering if you should assist before becoming a hairstylist? Becoming a salon assistant sets you up for a successful salon career! 

Knowing what to expect as a salon assistant is the first step to beginning a successful salon career. Not becoming a salon assistant could hinder your growth to becoming a successful hair stylist. 

I spent time as a salon assistant to grow my skill set and launch my salon career. I’ve shared my experience and what to expect as a salon assistant with my students to prepare them for success. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of being a salon assistant allowed them to grow successful salon careers in no time. 

Watch this video or listen to the podcast to know what to expect as a salon assistant so you can start your salon career and become a successful hair stylist! 

And if you are looking to take things a step further and want to learn how to become booked up and start making that money then head over the my online course the Hairstylist Growth Accelerator and get on the waitlist for when the doors open seats sell out almost immediately so get up on it. 

Also don’t forget to like a subscribe wherever you are watching to be notified with more career growth content and I’ll see you inside the hairstylist growth accelerator or in the next video.

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