Surviving Your First Year as a Hair Stylist

How to survive your first year as a hairstylist. 

So you are out in the field and beginning your career. It can be really scary not knowing what to expect, but even more scary without a plan. 

If you do nothing and just coast through your first year without a plan you can fail miserably. You could end up with a ton of corrections, unhappy guests, and not growing your business. You may even end up disliking the career and exit entirely. 

But it does not have to be this way. If you plan your work and work your plan, you will be on a fast track to success. 

I’ve coached countless hairstylists that are new to the industry and have grown them to fully booked in less than a year. 

With the right plan you too can grow fast, build your skills, and succeed. 

So let’s get into what that plan is, shall we?

  1. Know that you are learning and will likely mess up ALOT!
    1. Take each one as a discovery to grow and improve
    2. The worst thing you can do is get defensive 
    3. Just take want you can from the situation, make it right for the customer, and move on
  2. Ask for help from senior team members, don’t be afraid to ask, it will save you so much time and hearach
  3. Use repeatable technical procedures like the ones I teach my team in the intern program which is available on my youtube channel so get up on it. 
    1. You will get really good at them, become fast, and have consistency
    2. Are there Education opportunities available?
  4. Know that you will have the less than desirable schedule as a new stylist working weekends.
  5. You will want to have an hourly or commission pay when you start. 
    1. You won’t have a high pay in either to start
    2. There will be down time and you will want to get paid when you are cleaning and helping out other stylists in between appointments.
  6. There will be a lot of discounted services in the beginning. It is just part of driving new traffic to get you booked up and gaining experience. 
    1. Some may not be as committed but its experience
  7. Do you want to be in just hair or also in a different department such as nails?
  8. Is there new guest traffic at the salon you are in? Or will you need to build all yourself?
  9. Can you grow at your salon financially? Is there a plan to do that?
  10. Expect to make 35k or under with tips in your first year.
  11. Work hard and have systems in place to grow and you can make up to 100k a year. 

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