Make $10K a Month as a Hairstylist | Marketing Plan for 2021

Looking for a way to make $10K a month as a hairstylist? Stop stressing about money and have a marketing plan for 2021 that will help you make $10K a month as a hairstylist!  Why struggle with money and be stuck where you’re at when you can use this marketing plan for 2021 and learn […]

Become a Six Figure Stylist with these Salon Tips

It’s time to become a six figure stylist with these salon tips! If you’re struggling financially and looking to make up to six figures as a stylist, this video is for you.   To become financially free, you have to make sure you have the best salon systems in place. I’ve discovered the best systems to […]

Key Business Tips to Become a Successful 100k Hairstylist

If you are struggling to grow your career and make more revenue as a hairstylist? You are in the right place my friend.  Not having a key business plan put into place could keep you from being the successful hairstylist you’re meant to be!  As a Top 200 salon owner I have designed key business […]

Building a Brand as a Hairstylist | Salon Business Tips

If you are on this show I am going to assume you are looking to grow your business as a beauty professional… And establishing your personal brand is a great place to start.  Not establishing your brand will generalize you as a hairstylist and ultimately hinder your earning potential.  Today I am sharing with you […]

How To Do an Amazing Client Consultation | Hairdresser Tips

Have you had a client situation where you realized we were not on the same page? Maybe you’ve had a correction or an adjustment that was needed for a particular service that could have been avoided with a thorough consultation? If so, this episode is going to add a ton of value to your career […]

How to Raise Your Prices as a Hairstylist and Charge Your Worth

Have you been at the same prices in the salon for a long while? Are your thinking about potentially increasing your prices? Does the thought of increasing your prices give you anxiety? If so then this episode is definitely for you! Raising your prices can make or break your business and it is critical to […]

How To Manage and Make More Money as a Hairstylist

Want to be able to manage, make, and save MORE money and become financially free as a hairstylist? If you’re ready to manage and make more money as a hairstylist watch this video!  I believe that having financial freedom and saving money for the future should be every hairstylist’s goal.  Surprisingly though, that’s not the […]

Social Media Tips To Get More Clients as a Hairstylist

Give me 15 minutes and I will help you gain at least 2 new clients using social media. Yep you read that right- I’m sharing all of my social media tips that will get you more clients as a hairstylist! If you’ve ever seen those online programs that are designed to help you build your […]


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