Make $10K a Month as a Hairstylist | Marketing Plan for 2021

Looking for a way to make $10K a month as a hairstylist? Stop stressing about money and have a marketing plan for 2021 that will help you make $10K a month as a hairstylist! 

Why struggle with money and be stuck where you’re at when you can use this marketing plan for 2021 and learn how to make $10K a month! After struggling with money and seeing other stylists do the same, I decided to sit down and make a marketing plan that worked. Being a Top 200 salon owner helped me to design the best marketing plan for 2021 that has helped countless hairstylists make $10K a month! 

Say goodbye to worrying about money and get ready to make $10K a month as a hairstylist with this marketing plan for 2021! Watch this video to learn the best marketing plan for 2021 and how to make $10K a month as a hairstylist. 

Step 1. Identify your target market

Step2: Build a freebie offer

Step 3: Give the offer to friends and family and ask them to give it to their friends

Step 4: Conne3ct with your families friends on social media, comment on their post and send them a dm telling them you love their hair.

Step 4: join local community groups

Step 5: Send out a new mover letter to those new to the neighborhood


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Become a Six Figure Stylist with these Salon Tips

It’s time to become a six figure stylist with these salon tips! If you’re struggling financially and looking to make up to six figures as a stylist, this video is for you.  

To become financially free, you have to make sure you have the best salon systems in place. I’ve discovered the best systems to make you a six figure stylist with these top salon tips. Countless stylists who have implemented these salon tips into their careers have made up to six figures! 

If you’re ready to become a six figure stylist, watch this video to learn these salon tips! Start living your best life and make up to six figures as a stylist.


Key Business Tips to Become a Successful 100k Hairstylist

If you are struggling to grow your career and make more revenue as a hairstylist? You are in the right place my friend.

 Not having a key business plan put into place could keep you from being the successful hairstylist you’re meant to be! 

As a Top 200 salon owner I have designed key business tips to help hairstylists like you become successful. In this episode I’m going to go over business plan elements that will help you become a successful hairstylist! Every hairstylist that has followed these key business tips have reached success and are living their best lives.

I want to help you have this kind of success as well. So let’s get to it…

Step 1: Know your service times. Write them down and break them down by application, processing, and dry time.

Step 2: Productivity: This is the the hours you have available to sell vs the hours you have actually booked. 

  • E.x. If you have 40 hours available to book last month and you booked only 20 of those hours, you’d have 50% productivity. 

Step 3: Pre-booking: How many people have booked their next appointment? Goal should be to reach 80% as a top performer. 

Step 4: Retention: How many people actually came back to see you in the last 90days. Goal should be to reach 80% as a top performer. 

Step 5: Retail to total sales %: The number of retail sold divided by the total service $. Goal should be to reach 20% as a top performer. 

Now I know there are alot of people out there who do not have access to this kind of reporting and I’ve created a handy little tracker that allows you to easily enter these numbers in at the end of your day and it auto-populates all the reporting you need. 

You can purchase the hairstylist growth tracker as part of the hairstylist growth training here:


Building a Brand as a Hairstylist | Salon Business Tips

If you are on this show I am going to assume you are looking to grow your business as a beauty professional… And establishing your personal brand is a great place to start. 

Not establishing your brand will generalize you as a hairstylist and ultimately hinder your earning potential. 

Today I am sharing with you some select information from my signature course that has helped countless hairstylists grow their business and become uber successful. 

I want that for you too! So without further ado let’s get to it…

  1. Where are you at right now in your career? Do you have a specialization or a brand currently? Does your area support your future goals?
  2. Market pay: There are people who toot about being a 100k stylist and that could be totally true but that does not mean that they make more than someone else who is bringing in 60k a year. Allow me to explain.. 
    1. In my signature program HGA I give you a map to know exactly where you should be to hit that 100k earning potential.  
  3. On to developing your personal brand:
    1. Thin about the service that you enjoy the most. What gives you life. Is it balayage, gary coverage, creative color, cutting?
    2. Show image from power point. Who is that client?
    3. Where do they hang out
  4. Next create marketing to go after them and get them in your chair
    1. If you are looking for ways on exactly how to do this you can hear on over to we walk  you through the process step by step. 

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How To Do an Amazing Client Consultation | Hairdresser Tips

Have you had a client situation where you realized we were not on the same page? Maybe you’ve had a correction or an adjustment that was needed for a particular service that could have been avoided with a thorough consultation? If so, this episode is going to add a ton of value to your career as a hairstylist. 

Delivering a stellar consultation is one of the most important systems to a hairstylist’s success. When you follow and master this system you will see an immediate improvement in your guest experience. Your guests will be excited to come back and tell all their friends and family about you.  As a bonus you will make more of that money girl!

Most hairstylists think that they deliver a great consultation but seem to keep having guests coming back to the salon for adjustments. Or even worse the guest goes to a different salon to get it fixed and they never see that person again. 

After a decade of trial and error I have learned the secret to a stellar consultation that I have taught the artists who trained under me. It has worked to cut down on the corrections in the salon,helped get them booked through referrals, and make more money. 

Today I am going to share the system with you so that you too can have the same results. 

Lets get started…

Use open ended questions. My favorite question is…“What goals do you have for your hair?”

Ask about their past visit. “How was the last cut or color? Anything we might want to enhance?”

Repeat what you hear them say. “If I heard you correctly you’d like…”

Make a recommendation. “Based on what you shared, I’d recommend…” (any add on services or retail solutions $)

Get them excited for future visits. “This look is something we can work towards over time and on your next visit we would want to book…”

Start by practicing step 1, when you have the hang of it, add step 2, keep adding to your systems until you have it down pat! Rinse and repeat. 

I’m rooting for you! 


P.S. For all of my killer systems that will have you booked up & earning top dollar like the team in our top 200 salon and countless other hair stylists around the world, check out my Hairstylist Growth Accelerator course.


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How to Raise Your Prices as a Hairstylist and Charge Your Worth

Have you been at the same prices in the salon for a long while? Are your thinking about potentially increasing your prices? Does the thought of increasing your prices give you anxiety? If so then this episode is definitely for you!

Raising your prices can make or break your business and it is critical to know exactly when to increase your prices so that you can keep your guests, increase your income, and live a life you love. 

What most hairstylists do when it comes time to assess their prices is look to other salons and see what they are charging. Or even worse just use a finger in the wind estimate of what their prices should be. 

Sadly this is the exact opposite way you should be analyzing your prices. It does not have to be overwhelming and scary though…

I and my special guest today have successfully increased our prices over the course of a 20 year career and in this episode we will share with you the ins and outs of raising your prices so that you don’t ”lose” customers, can finally charge what you are worth, and create an income and life you love. 

Let’s get started…

First I want to introduce to you Alexander Healey, You guys, Alex and I have known each other since high school and went through beauty school and teachers training together. 

  1. I totally get that the very thought of raising your prices can be quite scary and overwhelming. You may be thinking “will I lose customers?” Or “How do I tell people?” Or even “Am I worthy of an increase?”
  2. Reality is that yearly price inflation happens on everything from a gallon of milk to the car detailer. Postponing will only bring you further from your success goals.
  3. My bet is that you haven’t increased your prices in a long time and you are overdue. I’m also going to bet that your skill level has increased over that period of time through either education or hands-on experience. And you’ve invested $
  4. If you’ve met the high expectations of customers who are now looking for way more than just a traditional service experience… You are totally worthy of a price increase.
  5. If you are booked out weeks in advance or are 80% booked consistently… You are due!
  6. Don’t stress over things. You will lose 10% of your customer base every year and chances are you’ll increase your prices enough to more than compensate for any lost customers. 
  7. Set a date and stick with it. Right before the holiday is a great time to do it as people are used to spending more money during that time and the likelihood of them leaving is slim right before the holiday. Honestly thought if you are overbooked and under charging, you should just do it sooner rather than later.  
  8. Know your service times as you should be basing your prices on time. 
  9. Next, how much do you want to make an hour (never compare your prices to other people, do what works for you) Break it down to the minute. 
  10. Add on the cost of product for that service
  11. Should you let your clients know? This is controversial but I dont alert them. Do you get alerted when a gallon of milk rises in cost? Or when gas goes up? NO! 
    1. Just be sure to communicate all of the education you’ve gotten during their next visit so that when they do go up front they will associate and understand the value you provide. 
    2. If they have a hard time with it upfront then honor old prices only for that visit and say next time it will be the new prices. If it doesn’t work for their beauty budget refer them to someone else in the salon who costs less. This makes room for those that are willing to pay what you are worth. 

Now if you want a handy calculator that will assist you in the process you can head over to and join the HGA Course where you not only learn how to become part of the top 5% of hairstylists but you also get a calculator tool that will assist you in determining what you should be charging to the minute so you know exactly what to charge based on the time it takes you to do a service. Its awesome you can let the calculator know how much you want to make in a year and it auto populates what you should charge by the hour and minute. Go check it out! 

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How To Manage and Make More Money as a Hairstylist

Want to be able to manage, make, and save MORE money and become financially free as a hairstylist? If you’re ready to manage and make more money as a hairstylist watch this video! 

I believe that having financial freedom and saving money for the future should be every hairstylist’s goal. 

Surprisingly though, that’s not the norm for most stylists. Imagine it’s the last paycheck of the month, you open the pantry and realize you are in need of a grocery visit. You open your bank app on your phone and realize there’s only $60 left in your account! Next paycheck doesn’t show up for a week and you start to realize you need gas, your amazon prime bill is still due…

Where did all the money go?? How did it go so fast?? This situation describes “too much month at the end of the money” quite perfectly, doesn’t it?

Is this how you live some months? Do you want help breaking this cycle so you can actually start managing, saving, and making more money as a hairstylist? Or maybe you live in a place where everything is paid, but you feel deprived with nothing left and want to learn to better manage your money so you can save and make even more money. 

In this video I’ll share how to manage and make more money as a hairstylist! As I’ve worked to manage and organize my business, I learned how to make MORE money as hairstylist with this perfect plan and process. 

  1. I get that we have a fluctuating pay, some months are better than others. 
    1. This is something we must be mindful of when it comes to saving money
    2. Get to know your cycle. What is the eb and flow? 
  2. Know where your money is going
    1. Track all your expenses, whats going out, google “money management app”
    2. Now track how much money you have going in on average 
  3. Pay yourself first always
    1. Then pay your expenses. If it does not work out then you need to cut your expenses. Simple as that, find ways to cut 
  4. Hire an accountant, bookkeeper, tax professional. 
  5. Save and invest – hire a financial adviser and set goals
  6. Find ways to increase your income. 
    1. Take a course that teaches you systems to make more money behind the chair. I am offering a free training called “why it’s so slow in the salon and how to fix it” where you can learn how to see less customers and make more money. It has been proven in our top 200 salon and has gotten results for countless students. It wil vbkjjjjjvm.zO absolutely free download it today by clicking the link below or in my bio if you are on instagram. 
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 Disclaimer: These are the methods that have worked for me but you should always consult a financial advisor. 


Social Media Tips To Get More Clients as a Hairstylist

Give me 15 minutes and I will help you gain at least 2 new clients using social media.

Yep you read that right- I’m sharing all of my social media tips that will get you more clients as a hairstylist! If you’ve ever seen those online programs that are designed to help you build your books and are wondering what it’s all about…Then this episode is your jam. 

When hairstylists think about going on social media to get more clients they consider how much work they are going to have to put in and simply dismiss it because they don’t know where to start.

If you ignore going on social media to get more clients because you’re worried about the time and effort you have to put in, you’ll miss out on an incredible opportunity to build your clientele. Not using social media to get more clients will keep you slow and unhappy behind the chair. 

Getting more clients on social media can be easy though if you follow these tips! As a hairstylist, you can build your clientele with some simple online systems like social media, and the best part is you don’t even have to do the “work” yourself if you don’t want or have time to.

Let’s dive right in…

  1. Determine who your ideal client is. Are they a regular touch up client? Are they a balayage client ebery 12 weeks?
  2. Create a sweet deal for them to hook them in as a first time client. Maybe a free haircut with a color service.
  3. Post on social media. Have at least 6 images of your work for people to see
  4. Be social with the friends and family of your friends and family 
    1. Go to your customers post (or a local biz post)
    2. Look at the comments
    3. Like those that fit your ideal customer
    4. Send them a DM
    5. Hire a family member or co-worker to do this for you!

Do all this and you will get clients fast! It has worked for countless others in my trainings and it will work for you too!

If you want to learn all my secrets to building your books fast, head over to my full FREE training “why it’s so slow in the salon and how to fix it”. You can find that training at  


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Tips for What To Do During Slow Days at the Salon | New Hairstylists

If you’re feeling a bit slow behind the chair, sitting in the back room for what seems like forever, and just wanting to create a game plan to have your books filled in the future…then this episode is for you!

Knowing what to do during slow days at the salon will help you to set up a future that has your books full with busier days ahead! 

If you don’t learn these tips for what to do during slow days at the salon, things will remain the same, and you will continue to have slow days. 

When most stylists face slow days at the salon they head to the backroom and complain about how slow it is, blaming the salon for not doing enough marketing. But spending your slow days in the backroom complaining makes your business suffer, and will keep your career at the slow pace it’s going. Spending those slow days in the back room being negative will ultimately make you become resentful of your place of employment and the industry! 

It does NOT have to be this way though. 

In this episode I am going to share with you the same tips that have helped me to address slow times in our top 200 salon that will get you on your path to a more steady schedule and paycheck. 

So let’s get right to it…

  1. Find a side hustle like online businesses such as survey taking on swagbucks, proofreading on upwork or fiver, sell something on ebay or etsy. 
  2. Get on a mannequin and practice on your skill 
  3. Hop on social media for the right reasons and start reaching out to people locally that fit your ideal target market and start conversation about their hair. When the time is right send them an offer of some sort. 
  4. Take a course that will help you with your systems behind the chair and ultimately make more money on each customer that you see. 

I am hosting a free  training all about why it is so slow in the salon and how you can fix it. It provides simple strategies that you can start today even if you are rebuilding your client base. 

  • SECRET 1
  • Discover proven systems you can use that will get your books filled up and have you making that money in no time. 
  • SECRET 2
  • Learn how you can see less customers and make more money. 
  • SECRET 3
  • Find out how to get to a place where you can spend more time doing the things you love, like spending time with friends and family. 

Here is what to do now.. Click the link attached in the description or head on over to and take the free training. 

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Tips to Becoming a Confident Hair Stylist | Building Confidence and Competency

Have you ever had that awkward silence with a salon guest?… If you ever find yourself feeling like you need the confidence that top stylists possess… Then this episode of the 100k hairstylist is for you… 

Confidence is a skillset and you can totally acquire that skill with a little training and sweat equity. 

Let’s understand that there is a cost to not dealing with this…

I have seen all types of hairstylists in the industry and the ones who are really making that money have the gift of confidence. But the shy and quiet ones often appear out of place and the customer can feed off it, taking it as a lack of skill and confidence in their craft. What most stylists who lack confidence do is ignore that they have the challenge and just make excuses for themselves and say things like “I don’t like to talk”. 

Studies have shown that a successful hairstylist is made up of 80% confidence and 20% skill. Customers want and crave a relationship with the person who is doing their hair. They not only want to look beautiful they want to feel beautiful too.  

The hard numbers are proof of this. Those with lack of confidence have low retail percentages, low retention numbers, less service dollars sold, and less tips.  

Do not fret though if this is you, as a top 200 salon owner and coach, I have helped many of people on their path to becoming confident Hair Stylists. In this episode I share some of their stories with you so that you can jump start your journey to building confidence and your income!

Let’s get started…

  1. If you are perpetually stressed and anxious, you are going to be living in a depressed state. Everything in your life will feel like it is going wrong. 

This is exactly what happened with one of my interns Nicole. She was always feeling like she couldn’t do anything right and her confidence took a direct hit. 

  1. I’m going to let you in on a secret… for every negative thing Nicole said, we asked her to follow it up with something she is grateful for or that brings her joy. After this practice she believed more in herself thus helped her move through customers with more confidence.

You see as humans we experience a wide array of emotions. If you feel grateful and happy you will exude confidence to your customer. If you are bogged down with negativity your customer will sense this as unhappiness and fear. 

  1. How do you avoid the latter? Know that you are completely in control of your feelings.In Nicoles case we reminded her by backing up any negative feeling with a positive one. For instance, If she said “I don’t like to talk” we asked what conversation have you had recently where you related to a customer? She would tell us how they talked about “both having a puppy”. Puppies put anyone in a good mood no?  You see confidence is not something you are born with, it is something you create. 

Retrain your thoughts… 

If you say “I can’t cut short pixi cuts” instead say “I can totally cut a pixi cut with enough practice” get your ass on a mannequin and practice that cut 3 times. You’ll be amazed at how it turns out when you approach it with positivity.  

If you say “I am not a sales person” when it comes to retail. Instead say “how can I help this person achieve their goals when styling through a retail recommendation” You will see retail fly off the shelf. 

If you say “I have nothing to talk about with this person” instead say “what can I find to talk about with this person?” you can start asking questions about their life and find that puppy to relate too. You’ll likely see your retention percent go up because your customer will want to come see you again. 

Practice, practice, practice my friends! Change your outlook on things and reap the rewards. I have seen this technique work for countless others and it will work for you too. 

Now if you know how to shift your mindset to become a confident hairstylist chances are you may be feeling a little slow in the salon and what to learn how to fix.  Check out my new free training that will help you get booked up and take your career to the next level. 


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